Gamification Solution for the Zendesk Platform

Zendesk is software for better customer service. It was created to help companies create customer relationships that are productive and valuable. It spans from customer service to self service and engagement. 

Just like good driving isn't only about traffic rules and speed limits, good customer service is much more that staying on script during calls or using service channels correctly. Customer service, even with zendesk, is challenging in terms of employee retention, on-going training and learning. Most of all it requires balance, as employees are required to do well on conflicting KPIs: 

  • Productivity – average handling time, utilization
  • Quality of service – resolution rate, first contact resolution; and
  • Customer satisfaction – customer feedback and perceived value of the service

Gamification solves many of these issues by providing  call center and customer service employees with:

  • Strong drivers for behaviour modification
  • On boarding and on the job training that is integrated into the work flow
  • Much needed engagement, transparency, feedback and training.
Applied correctly, it drives the behaviors that underlie great customer service: from having the right skills, focusing on the right activities and having the ability to create positive customer interactions.

Gamification drives skill acquisition across all customer service channels, and helps employees balance Average Handling Time (AHT) with First Call Resolution (FCR) while growing customer satisfaction. By driving balanced achievement of KPIs and through its provision of immediate feedback, customer service gamification makes better workers that are happier.

GamEffective's narrative based gamification helps drive sucessful gamification implementations by providing rich contextual narratives - from sports to races, song contests and city building challenges - which drive both job excelence and provide a meaning to work.

Why GamEffective:

  • Integrates with additional apps and data sources
  • Great results in long running projects with Fortune 500 companies
  • Success squad to ensure gamification success and matching needs


“Using GamEffective made our productivity shoot up, and the product was flexible, required no coding and worked across our enterprise applications.”

Vikraml Subramaniam, VP Customer Experience, Yahoo

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