yammer gamification by gameffective

Yammer is a private enterprise social network. Companies use it to help employees collaborate: across locations, business apps and departments. Using enterprise gamification can increase connectivity among employees, foster sharing of information across teams and help employees get better organized around projects. Enterprise Gamification, through the promotion of certain activities and their communication to employees is proven to create a lasting change in behavior.

Gamification helps create initial adoption of Yammer, grow contributions to the network and keep employees coming back – so that the benefits coming from implementing Yammer can be realized. GamEffective's next generation narrative based gamifcation - using narratives such as races, sports, city building and song contests - provides context, recognition and meaning to employees' activities on Yammer.

GamEffective for Yammer encourages employee actions that increase adoption and use of Yammer, showcases activities on Yammer (creating social proof that promotes actions) so that employees contribute,  grow the company’s knowledge base and collaborate with others.

Pre-integrated and IT friendly, GamEffective for Yammer is easy to implement, and appears as an integral part of Yammer. 

The benefits from using GamEffective for Yammer are as follows:

  • Grow user engagement & Yammer adoption: by using game mechanics to encourage employees to come back to Yammer, you can create the initial critical mass that will make Yammer adoption a sucess. Gamification isn't just about points: it rewards knowledge collaboration, communicates actions and creates social proof - the urge to do what others are doing.
  • Increase collaboration: gamification can drive team achievement and not just inidividual actions. Sports narrative themes and other GamEffective themes promote team-based activity and can reward people for "karma" - contributions to the knowledge and work of others, providing communciations of achivements and much needed recognition.
  • Grow the knowledge base: game mechanics can provide recognition and encouragement to grow the knowledge base and respond to others' questions. Use it.

Why GamEffective:

  • Integrates with additional apps and data sources
  • Great results in long running projects with Fortune 500 companies
  • Success squad to ensure gamification success and matching needs


“GamEffective can turn the strategic planning process into something that’s fun, rewarding and compelling enough to get everyone’s sustained attention. The user statistics were amazing.”

Gabriel Morgan, Director Strategic Planning, Microsoft

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