gamification for microsoft sharepoint by gameffective

Companies use Microsoft SharePoint engage with employees, share ideas, and reinvent the way work is done. SharePoint helps organize information, people and projects and makes it easy to find answers and insights within the organization. Enterprise Gamification can drive sharepoint adoption so you can realize the many benefits of SharePoint, going beyond a brief adotoption project. It lets companies create lasting changes in behaviour that drive sharepoint adoption. 

Gamification drives employees to boost their involvement with SharePoint, so they make better use of SharePoint's collaboration, communication and management capabilties.  GamEffective's next generation narrative based gamifcation - using narratives such as races, sports, city building and song contests - provides context, recognition and meaning to employees' activities on SharePoint and bridges the training gap in acquiring the initial sense of how SharePoint works.

Pre-integrated and IT friendly, GamEffective for SharePoint is easy to implement.

GamEffective for SharePoint gamifciation encourages employee actions that increase its adoption and use, in the following ways:  

  • Use recognition to reward contributions: employee recognition can always be improved and gamification can provide continous recognition and drive employee adoption of and contribution to SharePoint. This, in turn, acts to create the cycle that will bring more people into using SharePoint as a key component in their work habits.
  • Drive Social Engagement: Gamification encourages collaboration and rewards it, creating a strong social driver for the use of SharePoint.
  • Better on-boarding and training: gamification works extermely well in training, whether for on-boarding or on the job, and can tie it into any use of sharepoint or any other enterprise app. Used through SharePoint, in can create a measurable increase in the completion of training tasks and the involvement in learning.
  • Grow compliance: drive repeat visits into SharePoint, to ensure that compaliance goals and communication dissemenation requirements are met. 

Why GamEffective:

  • Integrates with additional apps and data sources
  • Great results in long running projects with Fortune 500 companies
  • Success squad to ensure gamification success and matching needs

“GamEffective can turn the strategic planning process into something that’s fun, rewarding and compelling enough to get everyone’s sustained attention. The user statistics were amazing.”

Gabriel Morgan, Director Strategic Planning, Microsoft

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