Cornerstone OnDemand Gamification Solution by GamEffective

Using Cornerstone OnDemand to improve the new hire experience, for on-boarding or for learning management is a great choice.  It increases employee engagement, productivity and efficiency.

By using Cornerstone OnDemand together with GamEffective’s gamification platform, you will be using the most advanced elearning and onboarding solution available, integrated with any additional enterprise application, using our no-code platform.

With clear calls to action, rich game narratives and no-code integration across platforms, we make lasting performance changes. Our customers tell us that the performance improvement gains we bring stay for the long term.

  • Using gamified learning – learnification – optimizes your on-boarding and training processes.
  • Rich graphical narratives are the strongest driver for human behavior and create measurable gains in learning outcomes. Our fantasy sports league, TV-like contests, raffles, competition or city themes encourage teams to cooperate and learn.
  • Quick no-code integration across platforms - gameffective’s platform follows employees across all enterprise systems, rewarding real life behavior. Integration, even into several enterprise apps or social networks, requires no code. Together with Cornerstone OnDemand, gamification creates clear calls to action that cross application boundaries. Quizzes, simulations, presentations, videos? we’ve got you covered.

“GamEffective can turn the strategic planning process into something that’s fun, rewarding and compelling enough to get everyone’s sustained attention. The user statistics were amazing.”

Gabriel Morgan, Director Strategic Planning, Microsoft

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