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Atalassian Confluence makes work into teamwork by giving teams one place to share, find and collaborate on information they need. It helps organizations capture the information that is often lost in shared network drives and email inboxes.Used by teams, it streamlines projects and tasks.It also allows for a simple setup of a powerful knowledge base.

Yet, like any knowledge management and collaboration software, Confluence needs to be driven to ensure its deployment is a success. Sharing and collaborating through confluence are behaviors that need to be developed in order to take hold, tracked, rewarded and recognized. This is where gamification comes in.

Using enterprise gamification, activities in Confluence fit into game rules and game mechanics. It can award karma points for expertise and contributions, create team challanges and give feedback to employees about how they can use Confluence better. Each game can include training and learning components. By giving feedback and recognizing contributions, employees can invest in Confluence adoption. Used together with GamEffective's narratives - races, sports, song contests, city building and more - the gamification elements acquire more context and breadth.

Pre-integrated and IT friendly, GamEffective for Confluence is easy to implement, and appears as an integral part of Confluence 

  • Challenges and activities: framing Confluence contributions as challenges that should be completed drives the behavioural changes that ensure adoption.
  • Present contributions and provide recognition. Showcasing contributions by employees and awarding them with personal status can drive their motivation to do more. When "assets" contributed by an employee are used, their size or worth will grow, encouraging more contributions on the side of the employee. Gamification isn't just about points: it rewards knowledge collaboration, communicates actions and creates social proof - the urge to do what others are doing.
  • Increase collaboration: gamification can drive team achievement and not just inidividual actions. Sports narrative themes and other GamEffective themes promote team-based activity and can reward people for "karma" - contributions to the knowledge and work of others, providing communciations of achivements and much needed recognition.
  • Grow the knowledge base: game mechanics can provide recognition and encouragement to grow the knowledge base and respond to others' questions. Use it.

Why GamEffective?

  • Integrates with additional apps and data sources
  • Great results in long running projects with Fortune 500 companies
  • Success squad to ensure gamification success and matching needs

“The fleixble comprehensive platform of GamEffective, combined with their attentive service and performance measuring expertise enabled our UK based business to implement a new business improvement tool withing a very short period of time.”

Shai Meirav, Executive Vice President, ICTS Europe

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