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  • | Tel: 800 538 4263

Best practices for CRM gamification and pipeline management

How to use gamification to ensure you can manage your pipeline by making sure you get quality data, in time, from your salespeople

On the other hand, sales managers need real data, in real time, so they can make accurate forecasts and manage a sales pipeline that is in touch with reality. Otherwise, they have a GIGO problem: garbage-in-garbage-out.

In this white paper, we’ll take a look at the key challenges sales managers face when tasked with keeping their CRM system garbage-free:

  •  Distorted forecasts
  •  Duplicate leads
  •  Stale information
  •  The no-lead sharing economy
  •  The “Opportunities are never lost” problem
  •  Avoiding data entry at all costs

We’ll then show how gamification can be used, simply and elegantly, to address these challenges, communicate corporate objectives and help with process.

After all, we want to keep salespeople and their sales managers happy.